NUK Nipple Shield Size L with Container

  • Protecting sensitive nipples as you breastfeed
  • Wafer-thin silicone for flexible comfort
  • Unique triangular shape for optimal skin contact and natural breastfeeding feel
  • Textured surface for gentle stimulation
  • 3 holes
  • Size L = large (24mm diameter opening)
  • 2 per pack


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NUK Nipple Shield silicone Size L with Container, 2 per pack

Breastfeeding is the best a mother can do for her child. However, there are situations when breastfeeding can cause problems: for example, when your nipples are irritated, sore or particularly sensitive. For such cases, to protect the nipples during breastfeeding, NUK has specially developed nipple shields to make this time as pleasant as possible.

One of their distinguishing features is the wafer-thin silicone that ensures flexible comfort. Their unique triangular shape gives optimal skin contact between mother and child and keeps the natural breastfeeding feel. They have three holes and soft studs to gently encourage the milk flow and, as NUK Nipple Shields come in a practical container, it is easy to keep them hygienic and safe.

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